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Can Cleaning the Windows Sell Your Home?

What Sets Your Home Apart?

Selling a home can be a daunting task; You know what your home is worth but how in the world do you convince someone else ?
The answer is simple, but first I must tell you a truth….. Your home isn't perfect.  That right… I'm telling you no one else is dreaming of a home exactly like yours.  Once you understand and accept this simple fact; you will realize that most of the homes in your neighborhood are probably similar in age, construction type, build quality, and even possibly the same model!  This doesn't give potential buyers much to choose  between when deciding between you or your neighbor

You must sell your home by making it stand out, by making it better the competition.  You can do this in many different ways some fresh paint, new carpet, new appliances, or even a new kitchen.  All of these could potentially cause your house to get the attention of house hunter who will be forced to choose a home based on very small differences.

One very Powerful way to Upgrade the Visual Appeal of your home is to Clean the Windows.  
Clean windows naturally draw the eyes to the home as they sparkle and shine in the sun.  When touring the home buyers will clearly be able to see the beautiful view they will wake up to each morning instead of seeing all the dirt and grime they will need to clean.  Cleanliness shows your buyers that you are a top notch home owner who took excellent care of their future home.

Sell Your Home Quick with this little Tip

How do I know ? Because I've seen this technique work first hand!  In 2014, I sold my home in 3 Days, yes, only 3 days.
Here is My trick, in addition to proper pricing and home presentation (cleaning, carpet, paint, upgrades..etc), Have the windows professionally cleaned but make sure not to reinstall the screens.  Store them in the garage until after the sale.

This doubles the amount of sparkle and glare your potential buyers will see… Think about it most homes do not have the windows cleaned so they don't sparkle at all from the road; others have them cleaned but then cover half of the shine with screens.  If you want your house to stand out, Don't cover up the sparkle, leave the screens in the garage until after its sold!

1. Most people don't clean their windows at all ; and if they do they use a spray bottle and paper towels. Windows just won't shine like they will if cleaned properly.
2. Most houses,in Florida, have screens covering half the window. By removing the screens I essentially doubled the amount of clean glass visible to the buyer! If you are selling your home or are interested in increasing the valve of your home call us today for a free estimate (561)293-3117

If you are in a hurry to sell your home Call Us Today for a free estimate (561)293-3117

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