Paver & Stone Sealing Sevices

Restore driveway, patio, or pool deck pavers to look like NEW!

Are your paver & travertine stones protected?

Your home is your biggest investment, its appearance determines how others perceive it, and therefore also determine its value.

More importantly, your home’s condition and appearance has a lot to do with how you feel about yourself!

A well maintained home will make you feel refreshed, happy, and motivated to conquer the day!

Block those stubborn weeds!

Protect your investment today

Proper restoration of paver and stone surfaces involves fortification of the sand (grout) in between the stones.  This sand not only stabilizes the pavers from spreading but it also blocks grass and weeds from growing.


The little things make all the difference…

  • Most will prepare the surface with Chlorine. Chlorine contains salts which are difficult to remove once applied.  Minerals can cause a milky appearance after the sealant has cured. Our proprietary cleaning solution doesn’t include any chlorine leaving the stone ready for the sealant . 
  • Dry pavers and stone absorb can more sealant; Too much moisture from sprinklers or a stray rain storm can dilute or even cloud the sealant once applied.  We use moisture meters to confirm that water content is below 18% before the sealant is applied.
  • Temperature Matters!  Sealing should be applied when the stone is
    between 45 – 90F ; Our hot sun can easily heat the stones above 95F, we
    always check the temperature of the stone with thermometer before
    applying the sealant.
  • We use a “dry” sand application process to help your stones stay secure & flat; reducing crooked stones & tripping hazards.  Once dry the sealant will harden the sand creating a weed barrier.
  • A few minutes prior to sealant application all remaining stabilizing sand and debris are carefully removed with blower.  This ensures all fine sand and dust particles are not sealed into the stone.
  • Using Caution Tape we block off the sealed area to give 24 hours of drying time without accidental traffic.


By following these manufacture recommended procedures, we guarantee the highest quality results for your project every time!

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