Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you provide? #

A:  We provide window cleaning, pressure cleaning, Paver & Stone restoration & sealing, gutter cleaning, soft washing/low pressure house & roof cleaning.

What areas do you service? #

A: We serve Palm Beach, Martin and Saint Lucie counties in south east Florida.

 (The cities located in these counties include : Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, Palm Beach, Wellington, Delray Beach, Royal Palm Beach, Lake Park, West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Port st. lucie ; Jensen beach, Stuart, Palm City, Tequesta, west palm beach, lake worth, Boynton beach.

Colors correspond to the color of the work order in the markate scheduler.

Where/ what locations do you clean at? #

Mostly high end residential home, but we also cater to high end commercial buildings such as Restoration Hardware Furniture Galleries as well.

We do not clean multi-story office building or condos We can only reach 3 story residential homes and 2 story commercial buildings unless we are able to access the windows/area without ladders, or repel ropes.



Window Cleaning #

How much does it generally cost to have my windows cleaned? #

Approximate $.10 / sq. ft, if the home is larger then 1500 square feet then schedule an in person estimate so I can go out in person to talk with them.  We have a $100 minimum for all service appointments.

What does your Exterior window cleaning package include? #

A: Our window cleaning service includes cleaning of the window panes, frames, screen tracks, and screens;  (mold and mildew on window frames can be cleaned but at an additional cost since it involves soft-washing).

How do you clean the windows? #

  1. We use multiple cleaning processes depending on the situation.  These processes include the traditional Squeegee & cleaning solution and the latest pure water cleaning technologies.  Our solution doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals, or Ammonia so you don’t need to worry if you have tinted windows.

Do you remove Paint from the windows? #

  1. Per company policy we do not routinely remove paint from the windows as it requires scraping with razor blade.  We will not touch anything to your glass that could potentially scratch it!

For and additional fee and after you sign a waiver releasing us of any liability we can remove the paint/silicone/tape residue etc.  The best approach is to make sure the windows are covered before painting.. it is very difficult to remove dried paint from the windows with out scratching.


If a customer calls looking to have paint removed from the windows let me know in the CRM notes

Do you remove silicone from window or perform construction cleanings? #

A:  Yes, we can remove silicone, paint, or stucco from windows, but at an additional fee and the job must be visited in person by a territory manager prior to scheduling.

How often should I get my windows Cleaned? #

  1. Your windows will typically stay clean for 2 –4 months after we clean them.  Most of our customers want their windows to be clean all year round.  To meet this requirement we recommend scheduling quarterly exterior cleanings ; and annual interior cleaning.


Pressure Cleaning #

What do you we pressure clean? #

A: We will use high pressure water to clean flat surfaces such as driveways, patios, as well as structures with stubborn debris such as gutters and screen enclosure frames.

What do you not pressure clean?  #

A: We will not clean your roof or walls of your home will high pressure water due to high risk of damage and water intrusion.

Do you use chemicals? #

A:  Sometimes yes, if mold, mildew, rust or hard-water stains are involved we must use the appropriate chemical to properly remove the stains.  Plants and landscaping are protected as needed.

Pressure cleaning pricing needs to be done in person but on average driveways are $100-150, patios $75-150, screen enclosures $100-150, gutters $100


Soft-Washing #

What is Soft-washing? #

A:  Soft-washing is uses bio-degrable, environmentally friendly chemical to emulsify dirt, grime, mild, and other debris so it can be removed with a safe low pressure rinse.  This prevents damage from the high pressure water stream used in typical pressure cleaning.

What areas do you commonly soft-wash? #

A:  We commonly soft-wash exterior walls of homes & buildings, as well as roofs, fences, soffits, and even patio furniture.  Basically any surface that could possibly be damaged by high pressure water.

How often should I get my Roof Cleaned? #

  1. Your roof will need to be cleaned again in about 2 years.  The roof will not be horribly unsightly but will be in need of another cleaning.

How do you clean the roof? #

A: We use a safe low pressure chemical cleaning process which will gently disinfect and remove the stains from your roof.  The cleaning chemical is called sodium hypo-chlorite (chlorine purchased from the pool store) which is diluted down to safe ratios.  Plants and landscaping will be pre-water and rinsed after the service is complete to prevent any damage.

Will your chemical kills my plants? #

A:  When used properly chlorine won’t harm your plants, animals, or children.  There is a small risk that some plants could be damaged but most likely its temporary browning and won’t actually kill the plants.

Paver & Stone Sealing and Restoration #

What is paver & stone sealing and why would I want it? #

When a new surface is installed or shortly thereafter, as well as when an older surface is thoroughly cleaned, it is the ideal time to apply a sealer. When it comes to long surface life, protection is the key. Trident Sealers are tested and proven to protect surfaces from the damaging effects of:

  • Harsh UV rays
  • Water penetration
  • Staining from food, minerals, leaves, machinery, dirt and salt
  • Harsh weather conditions
  • Wear and tear of daily use

A surface that has been sealed is easier to keep clean and maintain. A sealer can help to prevent stains and dirt from penetrating the surface and make stains less challenging to remove. A routine maintenance plan that includes spot cleaning of stains as they occur and overall surface cleaning will help maintain the beauty of your sealed surface.

Select Trident Sealers are engineered with enhancing technology that will accentuate the tone of a new surface making it even more beautiful. An enhancing sealer will also help restore faded colors of an existing surface making it look like new again. In addition, a Trident Sealer may add a sheen to the surface dependent on which sealer you choose.

By sealing a surface and establishing a routine maintenance plan, it should provide many years of use and enjoyment.


Watch this video see us in action !!


What type of Sealant do you use ? #

Window cleaning solutions L.L.C. exclusively uses trident brand sealants and cleaning products.  All of our technicians are factory trained and experienced to be sure you get best looking and most durable hardscape possible.

How much does sealing cost? #

It is priced per square foot. It depends on the type of stone and the amount preparation work required but in general the cost is $1.50 – $2.00 / sq. ft.   

If there is old, failed sealant that needs to be removed that costs an extra $1.50 – $3.00/ sq. ft. for  removal , reclamation, and disposal of the old sealant.

This price includes cleaning, joint excavation, re-sanding/sand application, and Sealing .

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Updated on April 26, 2022