CSR – Customer Calling for Info/Estimate


Its a phenomenal day at window cleaning solutions, My name is _________; How can I help you?”

Customer Request:

I need to get my Windows Cleaning, House Pressure cleaned, or Pavers Sealed

Information Gathering:

Great, I can help you with that, have we ever serviced you before?”

If previous client:

Great, What is your first and last name so I can look up your account?

Once you find their account, check their work history and past invoices to see if they already have an estimate for that service on file.

Quickly read through the notes to be sure there isn’t any High priority actions (ie. outstanding unpaid invoices , Do Not Service Notes, client expectations, or pricing) that need to be discussed before scheduling.


If never been serviced before:

We typically schedule an visit in person visit; just sure sure we give you the best pricing possible. Would it be alright for one of our territory managers to come by tomorrow to take a quick walk around?”


If the client will not be home just let them know that will fine we just need to walk around the outside of the home.

Be sure to ask them to let the guard at their gate know that we will be coming so will be able to enter the community

Next step:

Ask the client: Once we are able to agree on the proposal, will you need this service completed by a certain date?”

Listen to Answer

If Yes:

Using this date look at the schedule tab in our CRM to determine the next available appointment date. Please consider driving time if scheduling after anther job.

If we have open appointments

If we have openings in our schedule before their deadline offer to schedule a on-site consultation/estimate appointment for the next available time-slot

If we do not have Open appointments

If they need it completed by a certain but we do not have any open appointments before then; Please offer them pricing over the phone by asking them the questions prompted by Responsibid .

Just respond with we would be happy to provide you with service, but unfortunately we do have any appointment available before (the date you determined from the CRM’s schedule). Would you still like to receive an estimate over the phone?“

Walk them through responsibid quotation process and provide them with the pricing presented at the end.

Ask the client: “Are there any areas of special concern we should look out for?”

Listen to Answer

Make notes of any concerns on their account in the admin notes section in Service Monster.

If the prospect hasn’t received an estimate and has a home greater then 1200 sq. ft.:

Would it be possible for one of our territory managers to visit either tomorrow or the following day ?”

{Try to schedule all estimates within 24 hours of calling}

When creating an account always collect the following info to be stored in service monster:


prospect/customer name


service address & billing address (if different)


best phone number for contact


a good email address to send proposals and receipts


referral source (how did they hear about us or were they a past customer)

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Updated on April 27, 2022