CSR – Call Script: Schedule a Work Order


Its a phenomenal day at window cleaning solutions, My name is _________; How can I help you?” #

Customer Request:

I received an estimate and would like to schedule the service”

Information Gathering:

Great, I can help you with that, do you need the “service” completed by a certain date?”

Listen to Answer

If Yes:

Ok let me see what I can do for you; what is your first and last name so I can look up your account?”

After finding their account see locate the estimate they are looking to schedule.

Confirm with them the services to be provided and the total due at completion as shown on the estimate.

Just to confirm you would like to schedule the estimate for (list services on work order here) with a total of (state work order total).”

this information will let you determine how much time is required and if a time spot that meets their request is available.

Using this date look at the schedule tab in service monster to determine the next available appointment date. Please consider driving time if scheduling after anther job.

If we do not have any open appointments before then look at the estimate/work order they wants scheduled to determine if it is larger then our current average ticket which can be found on the service monster dashboard.

If the estimated work order is below our current average ticket price

Just respond with we would be happy to provide you with service, but unfortunately we do have any appointment available before (the date you determined from the service monster schedule). Would you still like to schedule the next available appointment?“

If estimated task is higher then our current avg. ticket price tell them “ I’m sorry we do not have any open appointments before (their desired date), but I may be able to adjust our schedule so we can fit you in. Can I call you back in a little while to let you know what arrangements can made “

You job is to now see if you either squeeze one more job onto one of the possible days before their deadline or maybe swap a appointment with another customer.. Simply give them a call and ask if they would be ok moving their appointment back.

Now that the appointment is set one more question to ask is.

Ask the client: “Are there any areas of special concern we should look out for?”

Listen to their Answer

Make notes of any concerns on their account in the admin notes section in Service Monster.

Make sure to do your best to meet their time/schedule requests but if you can not find an open appointment as them if you can call them back later once you have had time to see if you can adjust our schedule to meet their time/date request. #

How to Pick an appointment date/time to offer the client: #


Technicians will arrive at the first appointment at 10am. Appointments scheduled after the first appointment on the same day will need to be spaced out according to duration of work order and travel distance between appointments.


Reviewing the daily totals at the top of the service monster schedule: Look for jobs in the current week that have less $500 of work orders for that route per day. If less then $500 be sure to check to see if there are work order with out pricing, the pricing for these work orders will be populated on the service date.


Consider drive time when scheduling work orders. Make sure to check the distance on google maps between jobs if scheduling after another job. It takes 45 – 1 hour of drive time to go from one end of our service area to another, so please check the distance/time between the two addresses.


Any days with less then $500 should be filled first for the current week before filling up each day.


Daily work order Totals should be $1000 before the day should being considered full, but sometimes only very small work orders will be feasible after larger work orders.


Minimize drive time over meeting the $1000 goal. It better to schedule a work for a future date unless date with long drive times has less then $500 scheduled. If under $500 for the route for that day drive time isn’t as important.


Jobs with larger work orders ($500+) should be scheduled in the morning with technicians arriving at 10:00am, if possible.


Job scheduled after the first morning appointment should be told:Our technicians typically arrive within a 1 hour window of the start time. If we aren’t able to arrive within one of hour the appointment we will notify you as soon as possible.”


Jobs should not be scheduled to begin after 4:00pm.

Once you find an open appointment that works for the customer let them know

I will add your appointment to my calendar and will send you a confirmation email with the appointment details”

Schedule their appointment in Service Monster, once scheduled send them an email with the “confirmation” template applied.

Do you have any more questions for me today?”

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Updated on April 26, 2022