Window Cleaning cloudy windows and water spots

Cloudy Window Basics

Do you have embarrassing cloudy or stained windows blocking your beautiful view?  You know those few windows that you can’t seem to get clean?

Did you know salt and minerals can actually etch the window glass causing permanent damage? 
Cloudy windows most commonly occur because of salt and mineral build up on the glass.  As the layers of minerals build it blocks the transmission of light, worse yet eventually the minerals will etch the glass . 


Never hose down windows with well water!  Well water has high amounts of dissolved minerals, yes even if softened, which will be left on the glass after the water dries up.   Every time you “wash” your windows with well water you are adding another layer of minerals causing light distortion and cloudiness.  Don’t waste your time doing this!  If you must rinse down your windows use city water or well water that has passed through a reverse osmosis or de-ionizing filter.  

 Window Reality

 The truth is all windows will eventually get dirty, salty, cloudy requiring them to be properly cleaned.  Even if you live in the dry desert, the wind will blow dirt and minerals onto your windows.  The best way protect your windows is to routinely have them professionally cleaned.  Depending on your location, You may need to clean your windows as frequently as every other month, or only once a year.   Its best to speak with a local window cleaning professional to get their recommendation for your home.  If you want a personalized cleaning assessment for your home follow the link. 

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